Research Associate in Nanoplasmonics

Research Associate in Nanoplasmonics

Applications are invited for a Research Associate to join our research team in the Experimental Solid State Group in the Department of Physics at Imperial College London. You will be part of our Reactive Plasmonics (RPLAS) programme encompassing interdisciplinary research into novel disruptive approaches to the use of plasmonic nanostructures for enhancing the functionality of nanophotonic, optoelectronic, biophotonic and photochemical applications that go beyond the limits of current technologies.

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Duties and responsibilities

The project research spans some of the “Great Technologies” designated by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), namely, big data and energy-efficient computing (by developing energy efficient nanoscale optical information processing), advanced materials and nanotechnology (by developing new photonic properties arising from nanoscale hybrid structures and photochemistry), energy and its storage (in providing new approaches for photocatalysis and water splitting), quantum technologies (in developing new approaches for the interrogation of single molecules and new nanoscale detectors and light sources).

You will be self-motivated and be able to work alongside and aid the graduate students. Interdisciplinary research and collaboration with theoreticians in other groups of the Department of Physics is an important aspect of this project.




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