RPLAS researchers engineer new Nanomaterial

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Advanced Optical Materials

Hot-Electron Effects in Plasmonics and Plasmonic Materials

Edited by Anatoly V Zayats and Stefan A. Maier

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New Paper

Reflective Metasurfaces for Incoherent Light To Bring Computer Graphics Tricks to Optical Systems

Alexander E. Minovich, Manuel Peter, Felix Bleckmann, Manuel Becker, Stefan Linden,
and Anatoly V. Zayats

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King's College London Podcast

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Welcome to the home of the UK research programme on nanoplasmonics. This is a multidisciplinary collaborative project between King’s College London and Imperial College London. The research programme is funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and is also supported by the following industry partners:

Argonne National Laboratory, BAE Systems, DIAMOND light source Ltd,JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, National Physical Laboratory,
Oclaro Technology UK, Seagate Technology, Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd, WITec, Xenics nv

Latest News

New nanomaterial could enable new types of chemical processes in pharma, materials and chemical industries

Reactive Plasmonics researchers at King’s College London have engineered a […]

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About Reactive Plasmonics

The term 'plasmonics' refers to the science and technology dealing with manipulation of electromagnetic signals by coherent coupling of photons to free electron oscillations at the interface between a conductor and a dielectric.

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Project Objectives

The overall goal of the Reactive Plasmonics research programme is to develop a new research field of plasmon-enhanced microscopic electronic phenomena.

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